Roborock S6 MaxV


The Roborock S6 MaxV adds dual cameras to a popular mop and vacuum combo. It’s expensive, but very good at what it does.

There are many reasons to have Roborock S6 MaxV as this in the home. First of all, vacuuming is not something people enjoy, so it gets done less than it should. Owning S6 MaxV instantly removes that chore, freeing time for people to do more of what they love.

Allergy sufferers also benefit from Roborock S6 MaxV because it allows them to vacuum allergens from the floor more thoroughly and more often than they can by hand. To those whose allergies are so severe that vacuuming itself causes problems, they can leave the house and let the vacuum work without them to give them an allergen-free home.

Lastly, families and pet owners would benefit from Roborock S6 MaxV because instead of having to disrupt pet time or family time to clean, they can simply send a robot to do the dirty work.


Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

With its dual cameras, the S6 MaxV doesn’t just see obstacles in its path. It can accurately estimate the location and size of obstacles and reroute around them. Equipped with infrared imaging, it can also see in the dark. Combined with the PreciSense LIDAR navigation system, home navigation is fast and efficient, day or night.

Advanced Obstacle Recognition

See what obstacles are on your floor with icons placed directly on the screen. In conjunction with the route map, you can see what the S6 MaxV has seen and what route it has taken at a glance.

2500Pa Suction

With 25% more power than the Roborock S6, this 2500 Pa HyperForceTM stormer powers the S6 MaxV to better capture fine dust on the floor and deep into the carpet.

Reach More Floors

The multi-floor mapping system uses PreciSenseTM LIDAR and visual scene recognition to automatically identify the different levels of a house. Each floor can have its own separate No-Go Zones, invisible wall and No-Mop Zones, and the S6 MaxV can locate them all without having to open the Roborock app.

Remote Controls with Viewing

Even if you’re not at home, you can still see what’s going on in your home. Open the Roborock app and drive around to see what the S6 MaxV sees. Make sure you’ve closed your doors to reassure yourself that your home is the same as it was when you left, or check for any pranks your pets are pulling. You can even send a voice message to tell them you’ll be home soon.

Customizable room sequencing

Customizable room sequencing means you can tell the robot the exact order in which you want the rooms cleaned.

Genius Level Mopping

Click on the 297ml SnapMopTM system to unlock a set of advanced mopping features. Set up mopping schedules for specific rooms. Customize water flow by room. Use No-Mop Zones, keep carpets dry, and more. All controls are available in the app.

Product Specifications

Item Weight 12.1 pounds
Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Package Dimensions 19.4 x 16 x 6 inches
Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars 293 ratings
Best Sellers Rank #29,276 in Home & Kitchen
Batteries Required Yes

Explanation of the Technicals

LiDAR Navigation

LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging, and is similar to radar, but uses light instead of radio waves. Basically LiDAR Navigation can make the robot vacuum work even during night time.

Obstacle Avoidance

Dual cameras make S6 MaxV avoid more than what it recognizes. Any object – down to as small as 5cm (2in) wide and 3cm (1.1in) tall – can be seen and bypassed. It’ll safely work its way around forgotten toys, pet bowls, misplaced cups of morning coffee. In a word, it is Ideal for busy homes.


Roborock Trademark: High-precision LiDAR navigation allows efficient route planning day or night by creating accurate models of your home as the robot cleans with PreciSense Sensor Array.

Smart Top-Up

When cleaning very large spaces, the robot estimates the amount of power needed for the remaining area and recharges only enough to finish the job.

Multi-Level Mapping

Up to four levels can be mapped and automatically recognized to ensure efficient navigation, and each floor can have up to 10 No-Go Zones, 10 No-Mop Zones, and 10 invisible barriers.

HEPA-Type Filter

The E11 rated HEPA-Type filter captures up to 95% of home particles. It is washable so that it can be used longer before replacement.


What’s the feature of Roborock S6MaxV Vacuum and Mop?

The suction of this model is 2500pa, which is 25% more, so it can easily suck up the dust in the floor gap, cereal, peanuts and small steel balls.

As for mopping, the water tank has an electric pump to clean the floor deeply, and you can also set a no-mop on the App so that the robot mop avoids the carpet.


What’s the difference between Roborock S6 MaxV and Roborock S6?

The main difference is that S6MaxV has two cameras, and its advanced twin cameras will also see and recognize common obstacles, like pet waste, power strips, end pedestals, avoiding the obstruction and clean without interruption. This allows it to draw a full map of the house cleaning route, showing where and what the obstructions are. Equipped with infra-red imaging, it can also see in the dark and look around at your home when you are away by Roborock App.

Also check out this video and you will find more 🙂 


How to get a colored map in Roborock App?

Make sure you are using the Roborock App and Map Saving mode is open before the cleaning starts, then click “getting started” and a full house cleaning will be completed.

Robot starts from the dock. It goes everywhere on the map that it detects to clean, not just somewhere. Please make sure the doors are open for each room you want to be displayed on the map.

The vacuum will return to dock (the position cannot not moved) by itself eventually.  Then, the colored map is done successfully!

Lowest price for Roborock S6 MaxV

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Can Roborock S6MaxV do multi-floors?

Definitely! Up to four levels can be mapped and automatically recognized to ensure efficient navigation, and each floor can have up to 10 No-Go Zones, 10 No-Mop Zones, and 10 invisible barriers.